Monday, March 26, 2012

Brand API's

After going through the articles regarding APIs, I feel that APIs are here to stay. WHY??? Because they bring positive outlooks towards organizations. API enables your brand to connect with customers, to involve them in their future and yours, and to deliver to them the freedoms they need to grow. It is a way for applications and systems to talk to each other and they enable this conversation by defining a simple and standard way for developers to directly access data and functionality and integrate it into their experiences.

 When a brand creates an API, this data and functionality which represents everything the brand has to offer digitally can start to reach new channels and new consumers. It enables  access, teamwork, collaboration and that is what is needed is this era where competition is everywhere. In this new era of the “Brand API,” marketers can extend their brand reach now while also preparing for future technologies and the new consumer touch points they will create.

API can help in various was; from promotions, to reaching new markets and most importantly create mobile apps. like any other asset, the API is defined and controlled by the brand. It can be used to provide business value in several ways, whether it’s internal or external to the public. Brands can jump into the fray at whatever level they are comfortable and where they can reap the most benefit. For example. software developers are out there working on the next killer app and if you enable them with your API, they can include your brand in it. This can allow your brand to be experienced in new and innovative ways, potentially in entirely new channels, without any additional investment on your part. In conclusion, Brand APIs are here to stay as they are helping more brands and developers connect and innovate every day


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